Amiga OS3.2 screenshot teaser

Spotted this on a facebook amiga development page. I thought it looked good!


With the following text:

Work in progress on AmigaOS 3.2🤫
Actually this feature is done

From a programmer point of view nothing needs to be done as it applies to all windows that are re-sizable.

But the many new standard mouse pointers that is also implemented as part of this feature can be set on the window via the SetWindowPointer() function.

It is implemented as 7 new gadgets, that are invisible (like the drag bar) But contrary to the drag bar they are not accessible in the window structure, so there is no risk that programs going through the list of gadgets will suddenly find some new unexpected gadgets. Additionally these new gadgets will be disabled if it determined that they collide too much with user added gadgets in the window border

I am glad to see classic OS development continue. And I will support it when it arrives!


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