Amiga Viruses are still a threat? Fortunately, we have a team that is ever vigilant

Computer viruses aren’t things I would normally think about in the Amiga world, where the userbase isn’t nearly as large as Windows or Mac, since a virus is written by someone or a team.  However, viruses are still around.

I’m not sure which anti-virus software is the best or most updated but there is a team that is dedicated to the detection of Amiga viruses that are still on the job a quarter century after Commodore shut down.  Just yesterday a virus was uploaded to Aminet and detected within hours by that team. See their webpage –> here<–.

Yesterday, on April 30, 2020, something called the Jackal Trojan was detected, and just 19 days earlier, the Fuzz virus was caught.  Even though it is sad that this still occurs in Amiga-land, I’m glad there is a team warning about them and on the lookout.  Good job guys!


Fixing Broken AmiSSL in Amithlon

I recently have received a real, genuine Amithlon CD and plan to make a machine or two for myself using it.  While I wait for parts to arrive, I stumbled onto a video link about someone noticing that the latest AmiSSL doesn’t work on Amithlon due to a problem with the libraries.

Amithlon emulates an 040 but to get AmiSSL working, the 060 version of its library must be used.  To get Amithlon to use this one, the user had to run Make060 from Aminet in the user startup.

A video is here:

New Beta for Icaros Desktop available

My personal favorite distro of AROS is Icaros Desktop, mostly because it was first, and updated with many features and has been consistently stable and came in a virtual machine format for easy testing.

Paolo Besser, creator of this distro has just annouced Easter-weekend preview of 2.3.0, but he’s limiting it to patreon supporters or dedicated beta testers. The announcement list here specifies why.  Apparently, it has to do with his pledge to no longer release buggy betas to the public.  I think he’s done a lot of work for the AROS / AmigaNG community so I applaud the move.

Link –> here<–

Amiga OS3.2 screenshot teaser

Spotted this on a facebook amiga development page. I thought it looked good!


With the following text:

Work in progress on AmigaOS 3.2🤫
Actually this feature is done

From a programmer point of view nothing needs to be done as it applies to all windows that are re-sizable.

But the many new standard mouse pointers that is also implemented as part of this feature can be set on the window via the SetWindowPointer() function.

It is implemented as 7 new gadgets, that are invisible (like the drag bar) But contrary to the drag bar they are not accessible in the window structure, so there is no risk that programs going through the list of gadgets will suddenly find some new unexpected gadgets. Additionally these new gadgets will be disabled if it determined that they collide too much with user added gadgets in the window border

I am glad to see classic OS development continue. And I will support it when it arrives!

MorphOS – New browser based on updated WebKit in the works

Looks like a new’ish browser (probably using OWB framework) with a much more recent WebKit is coming.  It’s detailed in this thread –> here<–

Probably still some weeks or so away from an alpha version and the author is admitting that webinspector and possibly YouTube media playback may not be supported.  That makes me sad, as YouTube support is important to me in a modern browser.

MorphOS on iMac G5

I speculated not long ago that MorphOS may be silently supporting iMac G5 machines.  If so, this would be great, as the 20″ version has one of the fastest G5’s ever made (2.1Ghz) and one of the best Radeon’s that is supported by MorphOS (X600).

Someone wrote up a guide on Morph.Zone recently. Sounds like the only real thing missing is the boot up logo page.

Check the thread –> here<–