Happy New Year Amiga users!

I hope all of you Amiga users have a great New Year!  I just noticed that someone is spreading a partial archive of the old OS 3.1 source code around but that its also the same one that was around over 15 years ago.  I guess torrents make it easier to spread these days.  Will something come of it?  Probably not.  Olaf Barthel talked about the years of work it took him to get a full archive (which isn’t even part of the leak) to build under common tools, as the old archives required many different compilers and assemblers to build.  Also, how much is in assembly?  Hyperion has been working for years to convert the old code to portable C. Anyway, it was interesting to hear about.

Anyway, I’ve also recently seen a sneak peak of the new AmigaOne x5000 running OS4.1 with some nice software demos:

I’ve revived my interest in Amithlon, in my opinion, the only way to run Classic Amiga if you don’t have real Amiga hardware. I’ve built a few machines this year, with various hardware, and varying results. I hope to one day build the ultimate Amithlon machine with a wicked-fast processor speeds and start porting code to it to take advantage of the x86 raw power. Maybe in 2016?

Anyway, I’ve seen several cool thing both in software and hardware that I have backlogged to post about, so hopefully, I’ll get to them soon too.

2015 was awesome, 2016 should be more so!

OS 4.1 Final Edition Classic finally available for download

When WinUAE started supporting PowerPC accelerator emulation, it wasn’t long before Support for AmigaOS 4.1 support was added.

Not long afterwards, Hyperion released the Final Edition of OS4.1 and lowered the cost to just 30 Euros. However, it was still physical media only, with no option for download-after-purchase like most other Operating Systems.

Cloato updated their Amiga Forever system to include the new PowerPC functionality, and just recently announced that they are now offering OS4.1FE for Classics available for download (SAM and other platforms not offered).

Check it out –> here <–