Interesting new things in Amiga-land

So, some really cool things have been popping up lately over in Amiga-land:

WinUAE version 3.2.0 will be adding some VERY cool new options:

  • Emulation of PCI Bridge devices (DCE G-Rex, DKB Wildfire, Prometheus, and Mediator 1200 and 4000
  • + Emulation of SB128 audio cards
  • + Emulation of 53C815 SCSI controller
  • + Emulation of Realtek 8029 (NE2000) networking cards
  • + Emulation of Voodoo3 video card, including support for Warp3D emulation (as soon as they figure out how to extract Voodoo3 code from MAME)
  • PC BridgeBoards (probably all the way up to 386 at least, maybe the goldengate 486 if we are fortunate
  • Genlock output support
  • Support for the Commodore A2410 (see CyberGraphX4 support image –> here <–
  • There has also been other talk of eventual Video Toaster board support (but probably not this version

    Commodore’s Android phone

    Commodore will be releasing their own Android Phone called the PET with classic beige case coloring. It should have built-in emulators for the retro experience.

    Replacement A1200 cases

    New A1200 cases coming soon, in multiple colors. See this link –> here <–

    Amiga Walker clone (RaspberryPI2)

    Well, it will be a Raspberry PI 2 box with a version of AROS on it, but it looks interesting. I hope they one day have a mini-itx version at least.

    Using a classic Amiga mouse with modern USB systems

    Someone has posted pictures of his project to adapt an Amiga Tank mouse to be used anywhere –> here <–

  • A new “classic”, MorphOS and the next NextGen from A-Eon

    So, I haven’t posted much lately due to being busy but also not seeing much that I wanted to comment upon.

    First off, the MorphOS team has already uploaded a new build (v3.9) less than 2 months after 3.8. I like this type of release schedule! While v3.8 added support for the SAM460 boards, among other things, v3.9 is mostly a bug-fix update. Always free to try, and high quality. There isn’t much not to like with MorphOS!

    A-Eon has announced that the x3500, a lower-cost alternative to the x5000 (but probably still more expensive than anything from ACube) will not hit the market due to the cpu part being very close to price to the one in the x5000. Makes sense. Acube 460cr for the low cost (relatively) nextgen Amiga and the x5000 for the high end, high price-tag group.

    Jens Schoenfeld, numero uno at Individual Computers, has announced a cool project called Amiga Reloaded. This will be custom motherboard using real AGA chips, but not include an onboard CPU. However, it will have an accelerator port for use with his company’s more recent A1231 and newer accelerators. He also said he’d try to get Phase5 accelerators to work too but no promises. Optional flicker fixer, USB host and other modernizing features make it cool.

    So, you buy this motherboard, with accessories, then mount in an a500 case (a1200 case *may* work… no promises there either).

    Now, that is cool! Just the main board is supposed to be under 200 Euros (not counting accessories).