The first Amiga NextGen OS to support 64bit native architecture and multi-cores: AROS

Well, if there was a race to see which of the Amiga-flavors of OS would support both SMP (multiple processor cores) and 64bit architecture, along with the extra RAM afforded by 64bit addressing, it was won by AROS. Check out the video below:

FlowerPot: A quick and easy way to set up Amiga OS4.1FE on WinUAE by the makers of Amikit

The makers of Amikit, an amazing emulated pre-built environment, has released FlowerPot, a set of tools to automate setting up OS4.1FE in the latest and greatest version of WinUAE, without some of the limitations we ran into in 2015 and 2016 (like only being able to use PicassoIV emulation and not higher-RAM UAE graphics, pci bridgeboard support, etc).

It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. I’m currently testing it and will have a review later.

Go check it out –> here <–