Very good WinUAE tutorial videos

Someone named AmigaSystem on the English Amiga boards has been making some recent videos that are very good if you want to enable some of the newer WinUAE features.

Here’s one that shows how to set up the new bridgeboard emulation:

Check out the others here:

Amigasystem Videos

New Amiga OS hardware

So, currently, we have ACube’s SAM460cr and A-Eon’s x1000 Nemo board that came be purchased today. We’ve heard that the x5000 from A-Eon is on the way as soon as Amiga OS4.2 is fully ported, and Individual Computers will be releasing an Amiga 1200-ish replacement motherboard.

Add to this the variations of FPGA implementations, but the real big news this past weekend was the joint effort between A-Eon and Acube to release a new, mini-ITX motherboard for Next Gen Amigas tentatively called the “Tabor”, or the A1222. Rumors are that it is based on a different line of PowerPC processor called P1022.

If this is true, then we can find out some info online about it. The P1022 is a dual-core (dual e500) CPU cores. These are 32bit processors (not 64bit). The max speed is 1.2Ghz in speed. It also is an energy efficient design with some IO controllers built-in. Some have pointed out that the FPU is incompatible with those used in other Amiga NextGen processors. This leads to the question of if there will be recompiled versions of code or software emulation if this is the case.

Why was this processor chosen instead of one that is more compatible? Probably costs. They most likely either had a good deal on that processor for this project or another project enabled them to buy extra units for the Amiga boards.

Here are the early pictures: