Replacement Boxes for various Amiga models

It looks like you can replace your aging cardboard boxes that your Amiga shipped in. Not all models are ready yet, but for the A500, A1000, A1200, A600 and CD32 are available now from this website: –> link <—

Here are a few pictures they’ve posted:

Amiga OS3.2 screenshot teaser

Spotted this on a facebook amiga development page. I thought it looked good!


With the following text:

Work in progress on AmigaOS 3.2🤫
Actually this feature is done

From a programmer point of view nothing needs to be done as it applies to all windows that are re-sizable.

But the many new standard mouse pointers that is also implemented as part of this feature can be set on the window via the SetWindowPointer() function.

It is implemented as 7 new gadgets, that are invisible (like the drag bar) But contrary to the drag bar they are not accessible in the window structure, so there is no risk that programs going through the list of gadgets will suddenly find some new unexpected gadgets. Additionally these new gadgets will be disabled if it determined that they collide too much with user added gadgets in the window border

I am glad to see classic OS development continue. And I will support it when it arrives!

Restored images for Coffin OS WinUAE review

I did a 2 part mini-review of the Coffin r54 OS using WinUAE not long ago, but the ultraimg-hosted images weren’t showing up recently.  I’ve switched to hosting them on wordpress so now you can see them again.  I only did that because I still had the source images. Older posts are probably not going to be fixed unless I need to and can find them on or similar.

Here are the links:

A replacement, transparent custom case for an Amiga 600

While I recently posted about a custom case cover for the A600, I saw this one today that replaces the wedge case. While I personally liked the Commodore wedge design, I think this one looked really good.  Inside you can see the CFIDE adapter, KS 3.1 ROM and Furia 020 accelerator.  Outside, it looks like wireless mouse and keyboard.  Pretty nice!


Very Nice A600 custom case

I spotted this one on Facebook.  Someone used a 3d Printer to make his own custom cover case for his A600, including a space for the PCMCIA card if one is there.  I don’t think he’s offering to make them for others but I thought it was very nice and deserved to be spotlighted to show what Amiga lovers can and will do for their machines.