Amiga x5000 Amiga OS4.1 FE update #1 Announcement

It appears that Hyperion has made enough progress on OS4.1 for X5000 to make an announcement. See this –> link <—.

This appears to be just enough to get the OS working on the X5000.  There is no mention of extended features, as there was also an announcement that a full update for all OS4.1FE users will be available by the end of the year.  Let’s hope that happens.

From what I recall, they did make their end-of-the-year deadline for OS4.1FE back in 2014.  Great Job Hyperion!

Can’t wait for the Amiga 1222 Tabor support.  There was a video recently of it booting OS4.1FE also.

For those in North America, there is a new dealer called “Amiga on the Lake” that is selling the X5000 systems and motherboard.  Let’s hope they have the Tabor soon too (for 1/4 the price of the X5000).

Playing YouTube videos on Amiga 500 with new Netsurf 3.6 and plipbox (and Vampire 2)

So, I saw this video from a link about the latest version of Netsurf 3.6 (the 68k SDL version found –> here <–).  I’m a fan of this browser and encourage everyone with a classic machine to try it out.

The test video shows the author using this on an Amiga 500 that has the Vampire 2 accelerator and a plipbox (ethernet over parallel port).

Looks great to me for such an old machine.  It appears to do a lot of up-front communication, downloading and conversion to mpeg1 to get the job done, but hey, who would have thought a classic Amiga could do that?

Wow! Amiga Workbench 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1 with minor updates now for sale!

Hyperion announced yesterday that you can now purchase an official copy of Workbench 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1 without going through Cloanto (or less legal methods). And the most amazing part of this is that there ware updates, although minor.

Compared to the Boing Bag expansions for 3.9 that have been continued by Amiga Projects (–> here <–), it seems like not much of an update. The BetterWB is also a 3.1 update that is a great update too.

However, this is a way to get a fully licensed copy of WB 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1 without having to buy Amiga Forever if you didn’t need all of that.

Here are the updates:

Workbench 3.1 (40.43)

Kickstart 3.1 (40.72)

(I like the boing ball instead of the Checkmark. This supposedly came from the original boinb ball animation)

MorphOS + MiniMIG

I’ve not posted in a while but I did see this interesting project that combined the hardware for a MorphOS machine (I have the feeling it is one of the bPlan Efika boards, but it may be an apple product, combined with a minimig.

The builder has worked some software and hardware switching to cause a game floppy icon clicked to open on the minimig and switch the video over. The controller signalling is shared somehow as well. Very interesting project. I hope he explains more soon.

PicassoII+ graphics card clone available

It appears the search for RTG cards continue as the available supply on the market continues to shrink. A few years ago, I could find a PicassoII card on Ebay occasionally for $200USD or less. These days, if they ever show up, they are going for $300USD or more.

I posted recently about a DIY RTG card for Zorro slot boxes currently under development –> here <– But there is also another one now available for purchase on this link, but it is pricey: –> purchase page <–