PicassoII+ graphics card clone available

It appears the search for RTG cards continue as the available supply on the market continues to shrink. A few years ago, I could find a PicassoII card on Ebay occasionally for $200USD or less. These days, if they ever show up, they are going for $300USD or more.

I posted recently about a DIY RTG card for Zorro slot boxes currently under development –> here <– But there is also another one now available for purchase on this link, but it is pricey: –> purchase page <–

Easy IDE for building apps for Amiga, MorphOS and AROS

So, with the fracturing of the Amiga community between Amiga (Classic), Amiga OS4.x, MorphOS and AROS, it seems that new programs need to be ready to provide a build of the code for each platform out there for best performance. Both OS4.x and MorphOS can run classic software as long as it doesn’t hit the old custom chipset (if it does, then emulation is in order). AROS also can run via emulation or needs a recompile for the target platform.

Anyway, making a cross-compatible development system has never been easy. The Hollywood development software was one popular way, but carries a lot of heavy software to run that older systems may not be able to handle well. I haven’t tested AmiDevCPP enough to comment on how easy it is to make multiple target binaries.

Just today, I saw something that is not only an easy way to build for multiple systems at once, but also provides a more modern-style IDE development environment. It seems to be based on the Pascal language so keep that in mind, but it does offer drag-and-drop GUI tools and easy property management.

Here’s a video of it in action:

This is done via a VMWare linux environment, fully setup and ready to download and start experimenting.

Take a look at the author’s page –> here <–

A trip back in time

I stumbled across this link to a page where someone recently found the original, UAE 0.1 version of source code and was able to get it working on Windows 10 just to see what it was like.

Read –> here <– to see their experience.

Can’t believe I ran the first UAE I could get hold of 21 years ago

ZorroII video card – DIY journey

Okay, so one of the things I always thought was necessary when getting a new Amiga, was an RTG graphics card. It just seems essential unless your Amiga is only to be used for ancient games or demos.

I’ve noticed over the past few years that even the cheapest, lowest level RTG card carries a premium price online. I’m not the only one and here is one of the DIY graphics card I’ve seen.

This guy takes you on his journey, discovering what is needed to make a Picasso96-compatible video card for this Amiga 2000. It seems he’s getting close to completion and will be taking orders for prebuilt cards as well as kits to build one yourself.

Enjoy the ride:

Click –> here <– to read.

AmigaDeveloper.com has started to produce

About a year ago, there was a call for Amiga developers to come together and contribute new software for both OS3.x and OS4.x and it seems that this new organization has started to bear some fruit. These would be supplied to users via the AppStore. The intropage is found –> here <–

The “Enhancer” project was the first one teased:

Along with Clipviewer

And updates to Rhingio

and most recently, Warp3D Nova:

Warp3D Nova updates the APIs and adds hardware shader control. Apparently, OpenGL ES 2.0 will be ported eventually. This should help with porting a large number of games in the future to OS4.x

Good work everyone!

And Add Dropbox to the list of Cloud services now Supported by Amiga

Well, about a month or so ago, I posted an article where I tested the OS3.x version of the new Google Drive Handler, which effectively added a mounted drive to access your personal Google Drive. See that article –> here <–

Well, they have streteched support for that tool to the other flavors of Amiga (Amiga OS4.1, MorphOS 3.x and AROS). Great news that we can drag our favorite computer platform into the 21st century.

And, there were rumors of a similar tool being created for accessing DropBox, which has been desired and attempted multiple times in the past but never made it far.

Well, today there was news of a new DropBox handler by the same author. See the screenshot here:

I would expect this to be available in the coming weeks and I, for one, will be ready to test it out!

I hope there is a combo license deal we can get for licensing both. The Google Drive handler was read-only for the free version and I would think they’d do the same for the Dropbox version.

Good job guys!

  1. (SEE the Google Handler homepage –> here <–)