IBrowse Development continues

Well, anyone around in the late 90’s remembers that there were many web browsers coming out for the Amiga at the time. The big one I recall was IBrowse, and it was very Amiga-centric. For a long time, v2.4 was the last big one that I used. I mistakenly thought that it was abandoned, but I was wrong.

Development has been continuing over the years and while it isn’t up to the specs of some of the HTML 5 JS/CSS current browsers (like OWB and NetSurf), it’s still a good browser. Check out the latest updates as of last month (April 2017):

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EZHomeX10 Amiga software released

Jim Hines, author of EZHome X10 for Amiga, has released it and is no longer actively supporting it.  For those that don’t know, X10 is a communication protocol for home automation that has been around for a couple of decades.  They communicate through the powerlines in a house or building.  Many devices have been built to use this protocol.  Long before ZigBee and ZWave wireless home automation protocols were invented, x10 was THE way to control lights, thermostats, alarms, sprinklers, etc in your home.  Since the 90’s we’ve seen many PC and Mac based x10 software packages. Well, in the late 90’s, one was made for Amiga called EZHomeX10.

You can read an in-depth analysis of the many pieces, including EZHome, EZCron (cron-jobs, scheduled tasks), EZCID (caller ID) and control of infrared remotes and integration with the GVP PhonePAK card if you have it. And it is AREXX scriptable.  Very cool stuff!

Read the released with download links here:

software link

And an article by Jim Hines here:

EZHomeX10 – Amiga


ShapeShifter Source code released

Christian Bauer, author of the famous ShapeShifter Mac emulator (68k only), has released the source code to his famous app. You can find it here:


There were many mac emulators in the 90's for the Amiga, one of which was by very talented author Jim Drew (Emplant, Fusion, etc). I do believe at the time, he made some accusations that C Bauer used stolen Apple code (and maybe Emplant code) in his product, which was very popular and made a lot of money for C Bauer at the time. I guess we can find out now if anyone wants to try to find it.

Another step into the cloud for Amiga

A while ago, the Amiga gained the ability to access Google Drive and Dropbox as DOS Handlers from the command line or Dopus. See the links here:

Google Handler

Now, Google-connected printers can be used by the Amiga using the Google Cloud Print device. It has the name gcp.device so it appears to be treated like other device drivers. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think that you’ll have to authenticate with your Google account somehow to get it working (like the Google drive handler above.

Here’s the link:

Google Cloud Print for Amiga

Amibian – Amiga as a software service

I’ve read a couple of interesting articles about how the Amiga system is being re-implemented in Javascript so that it will continue to survive in the future world of cloud computing where microservices are all the rage and the choice of OS is arbitrary. I think the guys are onto something.

Here’s the first article:

Amibian + Smart Pascal: blog link

Second article:

Smart Desktop: Amibian past, present and future: blog link

As a quick test, the guy streamed a WinUAE desktop session from another computer to his Amibian HTML5 desktop (running on a Raspberry PI) to make an Amiga Application server: