Amiga Family poster

I thought this poster looked great and wanted to share it. Click for a larger image.

It’s available for purchase here:
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Amibian – Amiga as a software service

I’ve read a couple of interesting articles about how the Amiga system is being re-implemented in Javascript so that it will continue to survive in the future world of cloud computing where microservices are all the rage and the choice of OS is arbitrary. I think the guys are onto something.

Here’s the first article:

Amibian + Smart Pascal: blog link

Second article:

Smart Desktop: Amibian past, present and future: blog link

As a quick test, the guy streamed a WinUAE desktop session from another computer to his Amibian HTML5 desktop (running on a Raspberry PI) to make an Amiga Application server:


Getting started coding for Amiga

Here’s a nice intro to those looking into coding for the Amiga:

Link to Coppershade’s Amiga Development Environments.

There are a few articles on hardware programming on their main site.

Also, while talking about coding, if you are an OS4.x developer and want to see an example of coding the new Ringhio progress bar for your own project, check this link out.