Demonstration of the Next Generation Amigas

Trevor Dickenson of A-EON showing off the x5000, A1222 Tabor and ALICE laptops.

According to him, he hopes that the A1222 will be commercially available by Amiwest this year (that means about 4 more months.

Advertisements has started to produce

About a year ago, there was a call for Amiga developers to come together and contribute new software for both OS3.x and OS4.x and it seems that this new organization has started to bear some fruit. These would be supplied to users via the AppStore. The intropage is found –> here <–

The “Enhancer” project was the first one teased:

Along with Clipviewer

And updates to Rhingio

and most recently, Warp3D Nova:

Warp3D Nova updates the APIs and adds hardware shader control. Apparently, OpenGL ES 2.0 will be ported eventually. This should help with porting a large number of games in the future to OS4.x

Good work everyone!

Happy New Year Amiga users!

I hope all of you Amiga users have a great New Year!  I just noticed that someone is spreading a partial archive of the old OS 3.1 source code around but that its also the same one that was around over 15 years ago.  I guess torrents make it easier to spread these days.  Will something come of it?  Probably not.  Olaf Barthel talked about the years of work it took him to get a full archive (which isn’t even part of the leak) to build under common tools, as the old archives required many different compilers and assemblers to build.  Also, how much is in assembly?  Hyperion has been working for years to convert the old code to portable C. Anyway, it was interesting to hear about.

Anyway, I’ve also recently seen a sneak peak of the new AmigaOne x5000 running OS4.1 with some nice software demos:

I’ve revived my interest in Amithlon, in my opinion, the only way to run Classic Amiga if you don’t have real Amiga hardware. I’ve built a few machines this year, with various hardware, and varying results. I hope to one day build the ultimate Amithlon machine with a wicked-fast processor speeds and start porting code to it to take advantage of the x86 raw power. Maybe in 2016?

Anyway, I’ve seen several cool thing both in software and hardware that I have backlogged to post about, so hopefully, I’ll get to them soon too.

2015 was awesome, 2016 should be more so!

Big Amiga blog link post

Okay, so I’ve run across some really cool Amiga links (mostly blogs) which I thought I’d share here.

I’ve divided it between Next Gen and Classic. I’ll make a permanent link to this post on the right size menu as well.

NextGen Classic
Epsilon’s AmigaOne x1000 blog Epsilon’s Classic Amiga blog
Jack for AmigaOS mFilos’s Amiga blog
Coder’s Blog AmigaOneX blog
HKValhe’s AmigaOne 500 blog The Big E-UAE JIT blog
GTMooya’s Amiga 4.1 blog Old School Game Blog
Delirium Technology’s blog – Amiga section JAmiga (Amiga Java) development blog
Hyperion’s Amiga OS blog Amiga Gamer blog
Trevor’s Amiga blog (A-Eon) Amiga games
AmigaOne Computing blog Amiga 68k blog
Portacall’s Amiga software development blog Classic Amiga
OS4 Coding Blog Commodore is Awesome
HDRLabs HD Radeon development blog RetroGamer Amiga section
Mac Mini OS4 blog Lallafa’s project blog
ICAros development blog FitzSteve’s Amiga Retro blog
o1i’s Blog Amiga Raspberry Pi drive
Retronic & OS4.1 HD-Zone’s Amiga blog
Yasu’s MorphOS Blog Amiga Guru’s Gamer Blog
AmigaOS Format – Flipboard Amiga Magic Blog
Life of LiveForIt – AmigaNG blog NightfallCrew’s Classic Amiga & Zorro blog
glUAE – classic UAE on NextGen Amiga Application Database
Icaros AROS distribution blog Projects for both Classic and OS4.1 Amiga

Update on Amiga hardware projects

Okay, so it is with great sadness that I had to abandon my Amiga 1200 Classic Tower project. Funds and time didn’t allow me to work on everything I needed to, so something had to go. In fact more than one something.

My first step was to sell the Angled PCMCIA adapter. The motherboard I had seemed to have a damaged PCMCIA port so I couldn’t use it anyway. Next, my main tower, which was a Micronik Infinitive, along with the A1200 rev2B board, as well as the Micronik 6860 ZorroII busboard, powersupply and adapters went into it as well.

I also sold the GVP accelerator and all 36MB (2x16MB and 1x4MB) GVP custom SIMMs were sold as well. Still no shortage of collectors out there. I also am selling a spare parts tower too.

I’ve decided to focus on two new projects, which I’ll blog more about soon. One is based on NextGen technology.

I have 2 Eyetech AmigaOne boards, one is XE and the other is Micro. I’m also prepping to sell the A1XE machine (motherboard and case and expansion cards), and just focus on the Micro for now.

The new projects will be fun, I have no doubt! The funds from selling the tower project will help bring this to fruition.

Stay tuned!

Some really good new games are available now

A while ago, I posted a blog post about where to find good games for nextgen Amigas.

AmigaSoft has some good games ready or in the pipeline.

Those places have been adding more games, in particular, BSzili has added some really good ports of existing PC games. He’s recently ported a major studio game (Jedi Academy) to all 3 Nextgen platforms. Read his interview here. Here’s a video of Jedi Academy running on OS4.1:

He’s even made a start at porting Homeworld (one of my personal favorites) to Amiga OS4.1, but I think he’s put the project on hold for a bit.

So, more fun time for Amiga NG users!

Places to find Games for NextGen Amiga (and Amiga-like systems)

Well, for anyone looking to get into some games and aren’t necessarily looking to run the classic Amiga games, here are a few sources to check out:

AROS playground has several ports for AROS. Check them out –> here <–

A user named BSzili has done many ports of games for both AROS and MorphOS. –> Here

Someone name HunoPPC has been porting quite a number of games to the latest Amiga OS. Check out his site –> here here

And don’t forget to check the software archive locations I mentioned in an earlier post.