AmigaOne x5000 emulation coming?

It was just a week ago that I posted about QEMU patches being worked on to let the Sam460ex motherboard to be emulated. I was excited because this means that

  • We can get MorphOS emulated on x86
  • OS4.1 can be run at fullspeed if using a powerpc mac with KVM on (kernel virtual mode)Now, it seems that the x5000 motherboard from A-EON is being added to QEMU.

    Check it out here.


MorphOS on emulation may be possible soon

MorphOS is one of my favorite NG Amiga derivatives but currently, it requires either expensive, hard to find PowerPC hardware or old Mac PowerPC hardware.  I’ve personally wished we could run it under emulation like we can now with Classic Amiga and OS4.1FE.

Well, that may soon be possible.  The widely used QEMU emulation software (part of which is powering the PowerPC cpu portion of WinUAE and FS-UAE), may soon enable MorphOS under emulation.

I’d read many times that one of the MorphOS team had modified QEMU at one time to run MorphOS, but never shared the patches. Well, there is now an effort underway to add SAM460ex emulation to QEMU.  When this is complete, MorphOS should be able to be used under emulation as SAM460ex is one of the boards supported by that OS.

Read about it –> here <–

ShapeShifter Source code released

Christian Bauer, author of the famous ShapeShifter Mac emulator (68k only), has released the source code to his famous app. You can find it here:


There were many mac emulators in the 90's for the Amiga, one of which was by very talented author Jim Drew (Emplant, Fusion, etc). I do believe at the time, he made some accusations that C Bauer used stolen Apple code (and maybe Emplant code) in his product, which was very popular and made a lot of money for C Bauer at the time. I guess we can find out now if anyone wants to try to find it.

FlowerPot: A quick and easy way to set up Amiga OS4.1FE on WinUAE by the makers of Amikit

The makers of Amikit, an amazing emulated pre-built environment, has released FlowerPot, a set of tools to automate setting up OS4.1FE in the latest and greatest version of WinUAE, without some of the limitations we ran into in 2015 and 2016 (like only being able to use PicassoIV emulation and not higher-RAM UAE graphics, pci bridgeboard support, etc).

It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. I’m currently testing it and will have a review later.

Go check it out –> here <–

Amiga Hell finally freezes over…

It finally happened! A few weeks ago, Toni Wilen, current maintainer (and all around extremely smart guy) of WinUAE, decided he wanted to add CyberStorm/Blizzard/CyberStormPPC/BlizzardPPC and WarpEngine RAM configurations to WinUAE (simulating RAM accessible on those boards).

Well, word got out, and people started asking if he was going to add PowerPC Emulated CPU to those emulated PPC boards. He initially said no. He’s said for a very long time he doesn’t like PowerPC and wasn’t interested.

However, he’s apparently the kind that wants to make his product the best it can be, probably likes a challenge and saw a jump in development donations specifically tied to PowerPC emulation.

QEMU was looked at and passed up, as it was harder to bring the code changes over than he wanted to do. However, the long-abandoned PearPC source code (the original MAC OSX emulator that was cut short when Apple jumped to Intel), provided a ready-made, drop in PPC cpu.

At first, it didn’t work, then slowly, WarpOS, and later PowerUP software began to work. The question was always if OS4.x and MorphOS for classics would work. There were issues, crashes, blank screens, etc, and Toni continued to deny that he would work specifically for that.

However, today, August 14, 2014, he posted two images about his next beta:

Here’s the original WinUAE2.9.0 thread where the PPC stuff originated.

Here’s the PPC specific thread

and here is the initial posting of the good news.