Amiga in the Cloud desktop

Okay, so this is interesting.  The creator of Amibian, the Raspberry Pi emulation environment for the small SBC ARM-based computers, has made a javascript emulation of the Amiga called Amibian.js.  I wrote something about this earlier, but you can run this ‘cloud desktop’ by clicking –> here <–


Another step into the cloud for Amiga

A while ago, the Amiga gained the ability to access Google Drive and Dropbox as DOS Handlers from the command line or Dopus. See the links here:

Google Handler

Now, Google-connected printers can be used by the Amiga using the Google Cloud Print device. It has the name gcp.device so it appears to be treated like other device drivers. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think that you’ll have to authenticate with your Google account somehow to get it working (like the Google drive handler above.

Here’s the link:

Google Cloud Print for Amiga

And Add Dropbox to the list of Cloud services now Supported by Amiga

Well, about a month or so ago, I posted an article where I tested the OS3.x version of the new Google Drive Handler, which effectively added a mounted drive to access your personal Google Drive. See that article –> here <–

Well, they have streteched support for that tool to the other flavors of Amiga (Amiga OS4.1, MorphOS 3.x and AROS). Great news that we can drag our favorite computer platform into the 21st century.

And, there were rumors of a similar tool being created for accessing DropBox, which has been desired and attempted multiple times in the past but never made it far.

Well, today there was news of a new DropBox handler by the same author. See the screenshot here:

I would expect this to be available in the coming weeks and I, for one, will be ready to test it out!

I hope there is a combo license deal we can get for licensing both. The Google Drive handler was read-only for the free version and I would think they’d do the same for the Dropbox version.

Good job guys!

  1. (SEE the Google Handler homepage –> here <–)