Demonstration of the Next Generation Amigas

Trevor Dickenson of A-EON showing off the x5000, A1222 Tabor and ALICE laptops.

According to him, he hopes that the A1222 will be commercially available by Amiwest this year (that means about 4 more months.


Amiga on the Lake, the lone North American x5000 suppliers, stops selling them

It appears that there was a fallout between Amiga on the Lake the A-EON/AmigaKit. That means there will be no local supplier for North American Amiga customers that want to get hold of the x5000 and a1222 Tabor boards. We will have to go international. As AmigaKit have been sending their stock of x5000 boards out to other distributors, they don’t have any in stock. I wonder what the problem ended up being?

Here is their statement found on their webpage:

“We have made a decision, concerning both A-EON and AmigaKit. The decision we made is grounded in our experience during the last 8 months in regards to both companies. As a result we have made the choice to no longer support A-EON or AmigaKit in any way, shape or form.

We are still here and “may” be carrying more stuff soon. However no more X5000 or A1222 or, frankly anything produced from either company. AOTL Donations is going on a temporary hold so we can refocus now that we are not supporting A-EON or AmigaKit.”

Installation of Amiga OS4.1 on the new Tabor A1222 board

The Amiga x5000 hardware is the high-end and is on sale now. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost you a lot. Here in America, the board alone is about $1500USD and the full system about $2000.

For those that want real PPC hardware, and can’t find a used system on Amibay, there is a board that has been mentioned here before called the Tabor (A1222), a collaboration between A-EON (makers of x1000 and x5000) and Acube (creators of the SAM 440/460 line).

Here’s a screenshot of the point of install for OS4.1, so it proves that driver support is progressing and hopefully, this will results in general release of the board to the public.

No word yet on final price but it is expected to be in the $400USD price range for the motherboard from the last rumors I saw. This would be in line with the Acube SAM boards (which are long out of production).