Updated link for Pimiga for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

I formerly posted info about a beta release of PiMiga for RPi 4 and it was taken down shortly thereafter.  I don’t know if it was due to it being replaced for new features or the name was causing problems (it was called Corona edition).  Now, the newly renamed and re-released Lockdown Edition, has been released and there are downloads for both the RPi 3 and 4, not just the 4.

Due to how fast the other one disappeared, grab it now. Here’s the link and the password to unlock the file as of 4/6/2020 (can’t say any of this will work after today):


archive password: ViWsC7oU3

NOTE: There are 10 file links when there, the first 5 are for RPi3 and the 2nd 5 are for RPi4.  You don’t need to download them all. Becare full, these are HUGE files.




28 responses to “Updated link for Pimiga for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

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  3. I downloaded the P3 files.
    I expanded the first file, all good.
    I expanded the second file, and it just created a second image.
    Same with the Third file.
    Is this what it is meant to do, or should a the five files create one large image?
    What am I doing wrong here?

  4. Hi Mambo!

    Great stuff! Will there be an update soon for the PI400? It crashes after booting into workbench on that hardware. It makes a great portable “Amiga”.


  5. Hey, thanks for the links. Grabbed the images okay and installed fine once I renamed the ROMs from my AF distro. I’ve installed it on the RPi 400 and, whilst it works, there’s no movement/input from the keyboard or mouse. Heard of this anyone?

  6. If you are having problems with keyboard and mouse on the Pi 400, all you need is to update Raspbian. In case you don’t have an extra Pi 3/4, all you need to do is edit cmdline.txt or rc.local after burning the image and add the sudo app get update & upgrade commands to the boot sequence, then remove it after the first boot on the Pi 400 itself.

  7. attach your 400 to your network via ethernet. Use ssh to get into it via a terminal program from another computer. Update and upgrade the operating system and when you reboot, it will work on the 400. dont forget to scan all the volumes for viruses once you have it running.

    • I have used ssh to get to the PiMiga computer, but what is the password to access the computer, I get “Permission denied, please try again.” I tried “Raspberry” but that didn’t work. Anybody!

  8. hi, what about the comment you posted “PiMiga v1.2b image for Raspberry Pi 4

    Warning: due to mistake on creators’ side, the image is infected with Amiga virus HappyNewYear96. If you want to swap files between PiMIGA and another Amiga computer, use proper AV software, like killhappy.lha.”

    What are your thoughts on this?”

  9. Windows detected ” ML/PE-A” virus (Sophos) in rootfs\home\pi\pimiga\disks\Demos\AMIGA\Music Disks\DisIsSid\DisIsSid4\disissid4.exe . I doubled checked with Virus Total with 7 confirmations too.

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