Exploring the Coffin OS with WinUAE – pt 2

In this entry, I’m going to do a dive into the software provided with the standard install of Coffin OS. See my former post on Coffin OS setup with WinUAE –> here <–

There is a dock bar at the bottom, ToolManager, that has many prebuilt shortcuts:

17 - toolmanager

From left to right, here’s what they launch:

  • IBrowse 2.4
  • AmIRC v3
  • AmFTP v1.843
  • Directory Opus v4.17pre20
  • iGame v1.6
  • AmigaShell/VincED
  • EditPad
  • AmigaAMP v3.22
  • RivaPlayer (with 68k and Vampire executables)
  • ScummVM 1.5.0
  • Shapeshifter launcher
  • SysInfo v4.0
  • SnoopDOS v3.8
  • DiskImageGUI
  • ShapeShifter launcher will give the choice of Mac OS 7.5.5 or OS 8.1, but complains on startup that prepareEmul:

    18 - shapeshifter

    The top menu has some menu items already setup for easy use. The first is a quick Network settings menu. Adding interfaces, changing wireless settings, enabling and disabling the network connection on the fly, etc. You can even auto mount Google Drive and Dropbox as long as you have set up your auth keys. I’m not sure about Samba.

    19 - Network settings

    The Vampire-specific settings are there for those that have a real Vampire board. I just stayed away from it:

    20 - Vampire-specific settings

    There’s also a general settings menu, which has several things, including the ability turn on/off the executive scheduler, enabling/disabling the layers library v45 and a quick link to the Prefs folder items.

    20 - settings menu

    Also included in this is the IPM (Idiotic Package manager), which is a command line interface to install, clean and update packages, like using NPM (Node Package manager) or apt-get on Debian-based Linux distros. I’m not sure if it is configured correctly on first install. I wasn’t able to get it to list the packages. I did see in the menus a way to add a repo but I wasn’t sure what to use so I left it. I assume this will come in handy if I could get it working.

    21 - ipm

    Opening up the Programs drive, there are plenty of pre-installed things to play with. Here’s a shot of just some of the subfolders (I love the MagicWB style icons, btw). I didn’t try everything but the samples I opened all seeemed to work:

    22 - some programs

    Opening the Pictures and Game folders:

    23 - pictures and games

    The demo games included were impressive and ran very well under WinUAE on my Ryzen 7 based system.

    Descent Freespace looked incredible:

    24 - Freespace demo 2

    23 - Freespace Demo

    But the default resolution of ADescent appeared to be only 320×200 or so:

    25 - adescent demo

    But it was silky smooth!

    Anyway, that’s all for this entry. I’ll continue to play with things, maybe check out the Internet tools next time.

    Coffin OS r54 has a LOT installed and ready to use. I can see why the Apollo Vampire users like it so much.


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