Replacement RAM for GVP accelerators

So, anyone who has ever had an Amiga Accelerator from GVP (Great Valley Products), knows they are good hardware. But you’ve also probably noticed that the accelerators only take GVP-designed RAM SIMMs. I don’t know if this was to satisfy some timing issues or electrical issues or if they just wanted to keep close control over the RAM for profit reasons.

For those that have had this issue of being stuck with whatever RAM they got way back when they bought the Accelerator, you know how frustrating it can be when new browsers and OS upgrades need more RAM. The company itself appears to have long been out of business even though they still have a website running since the early 2000’s.

Whenever RAM from GVP shows up on Ebay or elsewhere, it usually commands top dollar.

Well, now there is an alternative. Some enterprising individual has designed some GVP-compatible RAM SIMMs and is selling them to the public. So far, these boards have been confirmed to work with the new RAM products:

GVP A1230 Turbo+
GVP A1230 Turbo+ Series II
GVP A3040 (T-Rex)
GVP A3040 (T-Rex-II)
GVP G-Force 040 Combo
GVP A1230 Jaws
GVP A1230 Jaws-II
GVP Tekmagic 040
GVP Tekmagic 060

These are 16MB 64-pin SIMMs though. If you have a GVP board that indicates only 1MB or 4MB only, then this won’t work for you. They are also actually AFFORDABLE: (29 euros per board).

The early batches seems to be sold out but if there is enough demand, then I don’t doubt another batch will become available. At the time I write this (Feb 2017), the provider is still taking orders and prepayments.

Check his thread here: –> link <–

And be sure to read it CAREFULLY. It does appear to offer a warranty with the product.


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