Rumored features of MorphOS 3.10

As usual, the MorphOS team doesn’t tell you when the new release will come. Sometimes, the release of the SDK beforehand will let you know when it is close but it has been some months now.

However, there are some rumors running about now for the next 3.10 release:

– 2d acceleration for all Radeons
– 3d and Overlay for R500
– expanded developer environment
– VPDF with current poppler version
– 1,8 GB of RAM available for G5 PowerMacs
– Odyssey with integrated AROS-derived fixes
– new blanker
– new Clipboard mechanism
– new Reggae classes
– new screenbar modules (e.g. screengrabber)
– sshfs integration
– Ambient fixes
– Obj-C integration
– X5000 support
– new scanner drivers
– support for PCI-e wifi and LAN cards

All looks good to me but I was hoping x86-64 CPU support would be included.

Anyway, MorphOS is a very mature system compared to other Amiga NG systems, so I’m excited. I need to get another mac system though until x86 support is in place.


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