New RTG card info and ordering

So, I talked about this one in the past but there was an enterprising Amiga user that created his own RTG video card for his Amiga 2000 due to the rarity and crazy prices of the few still on the market. It’s called the MNT VA2000 and is a Zorro II card that can work in Zorro III machines.

Batch #2 is now taking pre-orders: Pre-order page link

Here’s a link to the drivers: Drivers link

And the Design specs were open-sourced as well as the driver source code: Github page

And here’s a demo video of it running some games and general usage:

The price is reasonable considering the low-numbers having to be created. Overall, thumbs-up to the creator! Keep up the good work!


2 responses to “New RTG card info and ordering

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