Accessing Google’s Cloud Drive for Classic Amigas

There is a tool out now called AmiCloud, which I intend to test one day soon, but that is a paid service. Last week, I saw a video on Youtube showing a new “Google Drive Handler”. This would mount a drive called “GOOGLE:” and you could access the files on your Google Drive account as if it was a local volume.

This morning, the first beta version (0.4) was released to Aminet, and I had to do a quick test. The free version is read-only but a quick 10 Euro registration fee will open up the ability to write to the cloud, use Google’s cloud print and eventually Dropbox.

First, get the file from Aminet. There is no installer, so the quick way to install is just 3 steps:

1) Extract the Google folder from the archive, and put it in the DEVS: folder.
2) Get your Google unique handler ID and copy to a file
3) Assign and mount the drive in User-Startup

The first is relatively simple. When done, you’ll have a path like this Devs:Google/

For the 2nd step, you have to follow the link in his readme:

I had to do this on a Windows machine. When prompted, I had to log into my Google Account. This presented me with this option:

Clicking Allow then presented a very long string under this text:

On my Amiga (A WinUAE session in this case, running OS 3.9), I had to open up the file: Devs:Google/_client_code using a text editor and manually typed in the long string (over the default message) and saved it.

I then added this to my S:User-startup file:
;BEGIN Google
Assign SSLROOT: Devs:Google/.sslroot
Mount GOOGLE: from Devs:Google/google.mountlist
;END Google

And restarted. While Workbench was starting up, I quickly went to and downloaded a new wallpaper, resized it for my needs and uploaded it to my Google drive on Windows side:

When Workbench was available again, I started Directory Opus 4.16, and I noticed nothing different on the drive buttons:

so I typed in Google: directly into the drive path bar on Dopus, and after a moment, I saw my Google drive file:

(The one I want is the one not blurred). I copied it to my Amiga side, then closed Dopus and saw a new drive appear on the workbench:

Double-checking, I restarted Dopus and saw the drive on the drive buttons:

And just like that, I had a new wallpaper by transferring via Google Drive.

Well done to the authors of this handler! I can’t wait to put it on my Amithlon machine!


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