More User-created hardware projects

The ingenuity of the Amiga userbase is amazing! Here are a few new hardware projects I’ve spotted online recently.

USB harddrive for any Amiga using the printer port. The project creator included driver and instruction for building it using the Arduino hardware he used in this post: –? here <–

Here's another image of it in action:


Many Projects on this page: –> here <–. On it, he has an ECS Scandoubler homebrew project:

As well as as Amiga 500 sidecar RAM and CF IDE controller card:


I’ve mentioned them before, but here’s a link to someone building and selling plipbox’s in the USA. A plipbox is a parallel port -> ethernet adapter. With the latest softawre from the original creator’s website(–> here <–), burst mode can achieve good download speeds.


Majasta has returned to the Amiga scene, promoting the version 2 of his successful Vampire board, seen here:

It will initially be like a 68020 upgrade until the apollo phoenix core is ported to it, then it will be faster than a 68060.

Speaking of the Vampire board, Kipper2k was helping construct version 1 of the board before and his website has other custom projects, including RAM and CF card adapters for the 500 and 2000, an HDMI adapter for the AGA Indivision card and also other great projects.


Anyone who has tried to towerize an Amiga 1200 knows that the hardest part is finding a case that has a custom backplate to fit all the a1200 ports. Well, someone is making custom backplates for standard sized PC towers –> here <–. Pictures here:

It seems like there is no end to Amiga creativity!


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