Updated Prices from Acube: New motherboards even cheaper than reported

Okay, so the early numbers showed that a new SAM460cr (not sure of the speed at the time) was being listed at 620 Euros (nearly $800USD).

Now, the link to the Shop page on Acube’s website shows the updated pricing to be even better than before:

A 1Ghz 460cr board is 469 Euros ($600USD), and the 1.1Ghz board is 539 Euros ($689 USD). If you read my post on the x5000 the other day, you’ll see that the SAM boards are low on the CPU performance so I’d recommend spending the extra if you can afford it.

So, again, it’s getting (slightly) less expensive to enter the world of Amiga OS4.x. It’s about time!

The only problem right now is that it is listed as Out Of Stock. I’m not sure if this is because they haven’t produced them yet or, more likely, the few they have received were probably sent out to cover back orders and system builds – like Relec and their Big Red One.

Here’s the picture they are showing on their website, even though it says 460ex, the 460cr is probably about the same, minus the few pieces they removed:


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