Another Amazing hardware project for Classic Amigas: A USB solution for all Amigas

Okay, having USB controllers for your Classic Amiga isn’t easy to do. If you have big box Amigas, there are a few solutions, and I even mentioned one recently (the Mini Thylacine). E3B used to make the Algor and Deneb controllers as well.

If you have an Amiga 1200, the built in clockport header can enable the use of the Subway, a very popular USB controller also made by E3B. Some hardware expansions from Individual computers allow the addition of clockport headers to other Amiga models as well. However, apart from the Mini-Thylacine, it’s really hard to find any of the USB controllers anymore.

Well, if you just want to use HID (Human Interface Device) inputs, like USB keyboards, mice, joystick, gamepads, etc, there is now a device known as the Rys adapter that you can plug into either the mouse or joystick port on any Amiga that will let you use these common USB accessories. It apparently has a USB stack built into the hardware so no digging around for Poseidon drivers needed. This doesn’t allow the use of other USB devices like flash drives or ethernet adapters though.

Apparently, it’s already for sale in Poland. No word on the rest of the world though.

Here’s the –> homepage

Check out these threads here


here <–


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