Easy way to transfer files to the new, emulated OS4.1 Classic side

In pre-PowerPC WinUAE days, I found it easy just to add a Windows-side directory to the WinUAE emulation and download files to that folder, and the files were instantly accessible on the Amiga side.

For the new PowerPC WinUAE, Windows directories aren’t available (in this beta stage at least), so I had to find a way to get them over.

I chose to burn ISO images via imgburn.

Here’s what I did to easily get the Amiga OS4.1 updates (after registering on Hyperion’s website and downloading them) over to the emulated Amiga side:

1) Start IMGBURN and select Create Image from Files/Folders

2) Click the “Add files” option on the next page, and select the files you want included. Since AmigaOS4.1 Classic has update 2 included, I just chose updates 3 to 6

3) I set the options to be and ISO9660+Joliet, set the disc titles, added the files, and set the output ISO name and location (highighted)

4) Next, set it up as a CD on the WinUAE side. I’ve numbered the steps:

  • 1. Select the image iso file
  • 2. Click the Add SCSI/IDE CD button to bring up the selection and make sure to set it to IDE, 1. (the HDF used for the main install should have been IDE,0)
  • 3. It will then be added as another drive

    5) The new CD will be on the desktop after bootup.

    I couldnt’ get it to dynamically add or remove. If I figure out how, I’ll make a post. Otherwise, I have to boot up with this CD in place.

    After you are finished, you can just delete the ISO file. Not the best way to do things but it works for now.

    Have fun!

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