Update on Amiga hardware projects

Okay, so it is with great sadness that I had to abandon my Amiga 1200 Classic Tower project. Funds and time didn’t allow me to work on everything I needed to, so something had to go. In fact more than one something.

My first step was to sell the Angled PCMCIA adapter. The motherboard I had seemed to have a damaged PCMCIA port so I couldn’t use it anyway. Next, my main tower, which was a Micronik Infinitive, along with the A1200 rev2B board, as well as the Micronik 6860 ZorroII busboard, powersupply and adapters went into it as well.

I also sold the GVP accelerator and all 36MB (2x16MB and 1x4MB) GVP custom SIMMs were sold as well. Still no shortage of collectors out there. I also am selling a spare parts tower too.

I’ve decided to focus on two new projects, which I’ll blog more about soon. One is based on NextGen technology.

I have 2 Eyetech AmigaOne boards, one is XE and the other is Micro. I’m also prepping to sell the A1XE machine (motherboard and case and expansion cards), and just focus on the Micro for now.

The new projects will be fun, I have no doubt! The funds from selling the tower project will help bring this to fruition.

Stay tuned!


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