New Project: Classic Amiga 1200 … Towerized! Part 1

Okay, I realized that I have collected enough parts of the past year to be able to start on my next Classic Amiga Project: an A1200T. As I mentioned early in this blog site, my first Amiga was an A1200. Just before I sold it, I had wished to be able to towerize it. Back in 1996, there weren’t many options to do this, unless you wanted to break out plastic and metal tools or pay huge $$$’s to a company that was most likely overseas.

My inspiration for this project came from an Amibay user named Aquapuls. He was selling his amazing awesome machine in -> this thread <–. Here are a few pictures of his machine:

Here’s the breakdown of the specs:

  • Amiga 1200 Rev 2B motherboard
  • Micronik Infinitiv Tower for Amiga 1200
  • Micronik 6860 rev 5.42 Zorro Busboard
  • Blizzard PPC/060 accelerator
  • Scandoubler/FlickerFixer
  • Subway USB clockport card
  • Wireless PCMCIA network card on PCMCIA angle adapter & wireless antenna extension
  • SCSI & IDE controller cards with multiple memory card readers
  • GVP Spectrum RTG card
  • XSurf Network card
  • Plenty of harddrives, an optical drive and CF drive
  • plus much more

This dream machine was listed for about $4k on US Ebay for a long time. I don’t think he ever sold it, due to the high cost but it was quite a machine in any case.

My goal was to try to make something similar using parts I had or would acquire soon. I doubted, when I started this, that I would get a PPC card with Amiga OS4.1, but something good and classic running the latest Classic 3.9 would be enough.

So, with the proceeds of the sale of my 2nd Amiga 4000T in my Paypal account, I set out to see what I could find.

To be continued…


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