MorphOS 3.5.1 has been released (alternate download link)

Hello all,

It appears that the MorphOS team is pushing forward with another fine release of their PowerPC, Amiga-like OS: 3.5.1. The 3.5 release that showed up a few days ago had a flaw on boot-up for some machines so they quickly put up version 3.5.1 as a quick-fix release.

Their changelist can be found –> here

And a list of the new G5’s they support is found here <–

I do believe that the MorphOS team has made a wise decision over the past few years of supporting the Apple PowerPC machines. This, combined with their free (for 30 minutes at a time unless you register) OS, plus easily available (on ebay/craigslist, etc) and inexpensive PowerPC machines, gives potential new users a very easy and cheap way to experience Amiga NextGen.

Their support of the Apple G5 PowerMac machines actually make their vision of Amiga NextGen faster than Amiga OS4 on even the x1000 AmigaOne machines by A-Eon. The benchmarks show the PowerMac G5 2.5Ghz machines crushing everything else, including the 1.8Ghz AmigaOne x1000's.

It’s also good for Hyperion to have some PowerPC competition.

NOTE: I was having website access problems for the main MorphOS page, so I found a direct link to the install ISO image. Use this if you are also having link issues:


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