Amiga 600 – My 6th Amiga

My next Amiga was found online by a user who wanted to make sure that a real Amiga user got it and knew how to appreciate it.

I ended up with a fairly nice A600 with only slight yellowing on the keyboard keys.

The internal harddrive was shot and it still had the old v2.05 ROM installed. I pulled that, put in a 3.1 ROM and installed a version of ClassicWB found on the English Amiga Board. The harddrive was replaced by a 4GB Compact Flash card, which was 10x the capacity of the drive it replaced.

It was surprisingly heavy and solid. There was a 1MB RAM expansion card installed as well. It turned out to be a great little machine for retro gaming.

I sometimes wish I’d kept it and put in an Indivision ECS with the beta Picasso96 driver, as well as an accelerator.

Maybe I’ll get another one someday…


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