My 2nd Amiga – The big-box Amiga 3000

My 2nd Amiga - The big-box Amiga 3000

The Amiga 3000 was my 2nd machine. It was very cool to have an Amiga that actually had some room inside for more expansions. The first was a Piccolo RTG card with the Picasso96 software to let me use a real monitor (instead of a TV like I did with the A1200).

Later, I added an Commodore 2065 ethernet (10BaseT) to connect my local home network. Also, I added a Delfina DSP audio card (shaped like a triangle) with the AHI audio system. My browser of choice at the time (1997-1998) was Voyager from Vapor Ware, as well as IBrowse.

Fun memories. I wonder now why I sold this or the A1200 (well, I needed cash at the time, wish I’d kept them both).


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